Log management is a challenge faced by system administrators. EPSTACK helps address this challenge by providing a centralized platform where logs are collected, and provides real-time search capabilities and visualizations of your data.

EPSTACK is a prepackaged ready-to-deploy log management solution. This is a scalable solution that offers much more than just log management. It is capable of a variety of inputs and can be used for a wide spectrum of use cases. Click on Threat Intelligence in the top menu to find out how we are using EPSTACK for cyber threat intelligence and analysis.

Highlights of EPSTACK 

  • Ready-to-Deploy OVA
  • GUI based configuration editor
  • User Management
  • Empower your organization with a cyber threat intelligence platform
  • Collect and aggregate data from multiple sources

Collecting your data within minutes and start analyzing! Click Download to get your free OVA now.

Questions and Enquries: epstack@elevatedprompt.com




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